Cakes (All cakes 10 inches, bigger sizes available)
Choc mousse
Chocolate sponge with chocolate mousse layers, covered in choc ganache
Vanilla mousse
Layers of vanilla sponge, vanilla mousse, topped with vanilla butter cream
Carrot cake
Layers of carrot cake and cream cheese frosting, topped with pecan nuts
German choc cake
Rich dense butter based choc cake and choc ganache (R450)
Red Velvet cake
Layers of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (R450)
Rainbow Cake
Buttermilk cake, cream cheese frosting (R450)
Devils food cake
Cinnamon spiced cake, mousse, covered in ganache (R450)
Banana, pineapple cake, cream cheese frosting, pecans (R450)
Pineapple coconut: Cream cheese frosting (R420)
Choc torte: Rich, dense, flat, flourless torte (9inches) (R300)
Lemon Meringue (R330) Cupcakes:
R25 (Special decorations extra)(Bulk orders boxed together R20each)
Minimum order, 12 per type Vanilla, choc mousse, caramel choc, peanut butter, Lemon, Raspberry
mascarpone, carrot, red velvet, tiramisu, peppermint crisp, blueberry white
choc, devils food cake, German choc, hummingbird, raspberry white choc,
Banana split, rose and white choc Cheesecakes
(Baked with Lancewood cream cheese)
NY Style (10inch) R450, R350 (9inch)
New York style topped with raspberries, blueberries, figs,
black cherries or mixed berries +R60
Lemon and sour cream (9inch) R350 (10inch) R450
Red Velvet (10inch) R380
Choc brownie (10inch) R380
Oreo-Oreo base with crushed Oreo cookies (9inch) R350
Pumpkin (9inch) R350
Caramel (9inch) R350
Carrot-topped with pecan nuts (10inch) R380
Peanut butter and chocolate (10inch) R380
Praline (10inch) R480, R380 (9inch) Brownies
Choc Brownies, Caramel, pecan R15 each (35 blocks per tray)
Date Bars R15 each
Giant Cookies
Chunky choc, pecan choc, trail, macadamia and coconut, R20 each

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